пятница, февраля 10, 2006

Sharepoint & Anthem.NET

Nice work Anthem.NET I used in the small Web-part, containing TextBox and LinkButton . For the conclusion of communications there is Label control.

The method of use came out sufficiently simple.
Connecting to namespace Anthem:
#if AJAX
using System.Web.UI.WebControls;

Addition of specific properties in method OnInit:
#if AJAX
btn.TextDuringCallBack = "..Wait";
btn.EnabledDuringCallBack = false;

Everything earned after this, as it was expected:
- the button is blocked to the period of the fulfillment of actions, the inscription is derived on it"..Wait"
- on the return draw again only changed elements (button, label and text field), without the stupid pulling of the entire page.

Underwater stones thus far were located two:
1. During the changes in js-code and the recompilation of project Anthem-2003 is necessary cleaning AppPool the corresponding Web site.
2. Values UpdateAfterCallBack=true; in method OnInit to establish one ought not - immediately occurs copying with the original values. To establish them is possible either in the events handlers or in the beginning of method RenderWebPart.
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